Km 5 Vía Maicao, Bloq 1. - Piso 2, Riohacha – La Guajira (Colombia).

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Graduate come and broaden your horizons by gaining insight into the capital markets. especially due to the importance in the economic development of countries. These markets play a crucial role in channeling savings into investment, which in turn drives economic growth and fosters job creation. This course will provide a comprehensive view of the investment...

These seminars are offered under a strategy of the Postgraduate Management Office, as free courses aimed at the community in general. The possibility of accessing these seminars at no cost is a great opportunity for those interested to acquire knowledge and enrich their academic training. The university demonstrates its commitment to education and community development...

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The International Business Program (Riohacha and Maicao) and the Corporation of Students and Graduates (CEENIUG), is pleased to invite you to the celebration of the day of the international negotiator “international negotiations in the energy sector”, which will be taking place on March 23 of the current year starting at 9:00 a.m. through the Uniguajira...


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