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Octava emisión

Centro de graduados - Uniguajira

Graduate Center · The voice of the graduate May 30, 2023.  Ninth issue – Theme: Be and stay more creative Where we propose guidelines as previously mentioned on Being and remaining more creative, that avoid the problems of creative blocks by briefly presenting what creativity is, recognizing one’s own learning methods and others. Likewise,...

Graduate come and broaden your horizons by gaining insight into the capital markets. especially due to the importance in the economic development of countries. These markets play a crucial role in channeling savings into investment, which in turn drives economic growth and fosters job creation. This course will provide a comprehensive view of the investment...

These seminars are offered under a strategy of the Postgraduate Management Office, as free courses aimed at the community in general. The possibility of accessing these seminars at no cost is a great opportunity for those interested to acquire knowledge and enrich their academic training. The university demonstrates its commitment to education and community development...

Octava emisión

Centro de graduados - Uniguajira

Graduate Center · The voice of the graduate Mayo 09, 2023.  Eighth issue – Theme: Entrepreneurial Graduates Network The voice of the degree in Uniguajira FM Stereo brings a special edition of Red de Graduados Emprendedores! We present Fabio Crespo Castillo, graduated from the Civil Engineering program in 2021, who is part of Impulsa...

We are pleased to invite you to our Riohacha district Employers Fair, where you will be able to meet various companies and organizations that are looking for talent like you. The fair is an excellent opportunity for them to explore different career options, network with employers, and apply for future job opportunities. In addition, at...

To provide the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully face job selection processes and establish effective business relationships in an international context, the University of La Guajira will take the following basic English course for the development of communication skills in English, Registration: May 2 to 4 Course start date: May 8 Class hours: from...


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