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Course: Capital Markets

30 de May de 2023

Graduate come and broaden your horizons by gaining insight into the capital markets. especially due to the importance in the economic development of countries. These markets play a crucial role in channeling savings into investment, which in turn drives economic growth and fosters job creation.

This course will provide a comprehensive view of the investment and business alternatives available in the capital market. Participants will learn to evaluate different investment options and understand the risks and returns associated with each one. The legal framework that governs capital markets will also be examined, allowing students to understand and apply the relevant regulations in their analysis, detailing the necessary tools to understand and take advantage of financial markets such as:

  • Operation of the Stock Markets.
  • Purchase and sale of shares, bonds and other financial instruments.
  • Management of investment portfolios and decision making based on the analysis of values and market trends

These seminars are offered under a strategy of the Postgraduate Management Office, as free free courses aimed at the community in general.

Attendance to the course is completely free, but if you wish to be certified you must pay a cost of: $908,828

External teacher: Flavio Puentes Carvajal
Date: June 23-24 and July 7-8, 2023
Hours: Friday (3:00pm – 7:00pm) and Saturday (7:00am – 3:00pm)
Sessions: 32 total hours

Organizer: Graduate Program-Master in Finance
Aimed at: the entire community in general.
Registration link: Here

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