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Twelfth issue broadcast – Topic: Recognizing the Wounds of your Childhood

12 de September de 2023

Twelfth issue broadcast

Centro de graduados - Uniguajira

Graduate Center · The voice of the graduate August 15, 2023.

Twelfth issue – Topic: Recognizing the Wounds of your Childhood

In this new broadcast of the voice of the graduate on Uniguajira FM Stereo we will present to you the benefits that you obtain as graduates of the University of La Guajira, as well as the activities scheduled for this new semester that may interest you. As well as exploring a new topic together with our Guest Psychologist Carmen Rosa Gutierrez Pinedo who will talk to us about what emotional wounds are, how they are generated and how they affect us in our lives.

“What are wounds, they are injuries on a psychological, energetic and emotional level in which they were generated in the absence of affection and contact and that you recorded in your mind, that is to say that something was missing and through those wounds you begin to see and judge yourself and the other people with whom you interact in your life. And those wounds are: The wound of abandonment, the wound of rejection, the wound of betrayal and the wound of injustice and as you begin to advance in “You increase them in life, because these wounds increase, because you don’t pay attention to them, because you don’t see yourself with compassion and, most importantly, you don’t see yourself with love.” Carmen Rosa Gutierrez Pinedo



Johany Núñez 

Carmen Rosa Gutierrez Pinedo Psicologa

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