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Informative Workshops: United Nations Volunteers Program

25 de May de 2023

Would you like to do your internship or volunteer at the ONU? We are pleased to announce that the University of La Guajira has been selected as the venue for the Volunteer Program Information Workshops organized by the United Nations Organization (ONU), through its agency United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ACNUR).

These workshops aim to provide information and raise awareness about ONU volunteer programs, as well as promote student and community participation in humanitarian and refugee support activities.

During the workshops, relevant topics will be addressed such as the situation of refugees globally, the challenges they face and the opportunities to contribute to their well-being through volunteering. In addition, experiences of volunteers who have participated in ONU projects will be shared, which will allow attendees to have a broader and more realistic vision of the opportunities and challenges that this work implies.

The University of La Guajira is proud to be part of this initiative and to be able to provide a space for students and the community in general to get informed and get involved in international volunteering. These workshops represent a unique opportunity to learn, be inspired and contribute to the well-being of refugees and displaced persons.

We invite you to participate in the ONU Volunteer Program Information Workshops at the University of La Guajira! Together we can make a difference and promote a more inclusive and caring world.


Aimed at: Students with a professional career or graduates with (0) years of work experience or more

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